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10+ Websites That Make Good Photography Work for Them

by Michael Hawker Here are ten websites, plus a bonus, that use photography to enhance their site. The photographs are well done, as good photographic skill and fine quality results cannot be overstated, but these are not photographers’ websites. These sites do rely on their visual medium, but any website can make use of photography […]

Ecommerce in Web Design

  Justin Harper-Smith Ecommerce in Web Design Baby.com.br Baby.com.br is geared toward mothers who stay at home. The site is simple and is not confusing for those who visit. The simplicity is the most appealing factor because brazil is still developing in regards to their use of technology. Moms can easily access the products they […]

10 Great Samples of Illustration Web Design By: Alicia Brimhall

I Really like simple design of this web site as well as the color theme. It is well designed and simple to figure out how to navigate. I think that a well designed web site should have good navigation so you can access information your looking for. This web site is simple and to the […]

Highly Usable Web Navigation Menus

1. http://www.apple.com/ I feel like Apple has a very easy and usable navigation menu. There are different buttons, like, Store, Mac, iPhone, and Support at the top, letting you decide where you would like to go from there. It also has a great search bar, if what you were looking for isn’t right in font […]

10 Interesting Animated Websites

  http://www.justinbird.com Justinbird.com is a great example of how a website can be enhanced by some well-placed simple animation. The website is very eye-catching because of the great color scheme, but the animations put it over the top. As you explore the site the bird watches over everything, occasionally blinking. For me this subtle animation […]

10 Favorite Samples of Illustrative Web Design

Black Negative I believe this site is pretty well build in terms of multimedia and dynamic content, however it makes this site very hard to use for the non-computer savvy user, when I was looking at the javascript code I found that is very hard to understand because is all glue together in a single […]

10 of my favorite sites using good photography in web design

      www.10deep.com The lookbook on this website is actually one of my favorites. As soon as you open the lookbook your instantly given a preview of the patterns used on the collection being used as the background on the site.It pretty interactive compared to of the other lookbooks.The photography gives a good feel […]

10 Awesome Creative Web Design Sites

  www.zizzi.co.uk This is an Awesome Creative Web Design Site for a European Italian Restaurant. Very nice design, great use of color, easy navigation using flash elements. It is unique, colorful, fun and practical.     deda.me This is an Awesome Creative Web Design Site for the personal portfolio of Deidre “Deda” Bain. It is […]

10 Inspiring Sites Using Illustration Design

10 Inspiring Sites Using Illustration Design 1. The Pixel http://www.thepixel.com/blog/ The Pixel utilizes rich colors and whimsical illustrations to draw the viewer through the page. The illustration also serves to break up the blog posts and provide a consistent theme to all icons and colors used on the site.   2. The Society Inc. www.thesocietyinc.com […]


http://cyclemon.com Cyclemon.com demonstrates the “Retro” look well because of the colors. They are muted, yet powerful. The typography also adds, especially the double-circled logo, for the vintage ink look! https://www.namesforchange.org             Namesforchange.org has the Retro look because of the negative, vintage pictures. The contrasting colors, and the triangular textured backgrounds contribute as well. http://www.customdesign.ch/custom08/index.php   […]

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