Web Design Inspiration

Author Websites with Good “Curb Appeal” and User-friendly Navigation

John Green http://johngreenbooks.com/ I like the clean look of this site. The simply drawn icons that are black and white feel simple and interesting to me, and take you to a new page about the book or subject. I like that each article is actually a video, and that there are few navigational tools at […]

10 Animated Websites

  http://en.dunlop-tire.ru/ Apparently, this Russian website has been built for promoting certain brand of tires. On the home page, the windows are sliding in and out when moving the cursor around to navigate. Rather than using a still background, the space is developed as interactive. It is exciting how the customers can choose tires by […]

10 Exceptional Photographer Web Portfolio Sites

  http://www.mitchellkphotos.com/photography.html Mitchell Kanashkevich’s web page is effectively done.  Although a simple design, the background, a subtle black allows the color pictures to really pop out from the screen.  The web page is symmetrically done but with enough contrasts of colors the grid is anything but dull.  Each photo album framed within the grid contains a description.  The narrative gives a […]

10 Great Samples of Illustrative Web Design

Barbie http://www.barbie.com/en-us Since this website is geared towards children, I really like the way it was designed and provides simple navigation. When each main screen cycles through, various pieces of the page swing down or pop up. This animation adds pieces to the picture and I feel like it makes the page more interesting to […]

10 examples of Minimalism in Web Design

  Georgetowncupcakes.com has a simple website, but it still has a lot of information with the slide bar.     I felt like my list is missing black. White is very clean and simple, but black can also be clean. This photography website is a great example.     Ahh, Pinterest, the easy of finding […]

10 Websites with Nature Themed Web Design

    http://amillionhappynows.com/ I came across this website few days ago accidentally. It’s about one of my favorite actresses Crystal Chappell’s new project A Million Happy Nows. This page’s background simply a slideshow with many beautiful scenery wallpapers including some other shots of the actors. The way the pictures floating with the soft background music […]

10 Amazing Animated Websites

  1. blueacorn.com I like this website because there is a lot of animation but it doesn’t overwhelm you.         2. intacto10years.com This website is pretty cool. It’s easy to navigate.           3.http://www.evoenergy.co.uk/uk-energy-guide/ This one is really cute.         4. http://www.kaipoche.co/ This one is so […]

10 Creatively Animated Websites

  http://timburton.com This animation is cool, because you control the little man with the arrow keys. In the gallery, when you approach pictures, the come up as full size pictures. I think it was very well made!     http://sammarkiewi.cz/old/ Scroll bar action is inputted here! As you scroll down the page changes, as well […]

Minimalistic Website Design

  http://www.intersection.is/ This website excels in minimalistic design because the essential content is concentrated in a simple column with links. The design of this page relies directly on the graphic black and white photograph that is used as a background. This creates a dynamic visual effect due to the diagonal, industrial lines and high contrast. […]


  TEN EXAMPLES OF INTERESTING WEB ANIMATION by Alison Livingston   We have come a long way since the early days of three image gifs and scrolling rainbow text. Today, Web animation is sophisticated, sometimes simple, and sometimes chaotic. It is yet another tool in the belt of a well-rounded webmaster to capture the interest […]

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