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10 sites with incredible user interactivity

 http://parallel-studio.com/  This website is for a video game development company. The home screen excels at user interactivity because you can click and grab to move the camera around the video gamers office. You can look any direction. I also like the typography and the simplicity of the other pages of the site.  https://conference.awwwards.com/speakers?utm_campaign=awwwards&utm_source=banner-4  As your […]

10 Exceptional Sites using White Space* in Web Design *

*Most of them fits into the creative and portfolio websites as well. http://ciaosamin.com/ A beautiful built website with a “scroll down function” which includes both graphics and text. It got a cool effect that you “scroll through” the pictures, hard to explain, check it out and you will understand! I really like the use of […]

10 Exceptional Sites Using Typography in Web Design

Davidadriansmith.com Daviadriansmith.com uses Typography in a very creative way that captures the viewers’ attention. The colors are vibrant and the detail in the artwork and design is well executed.     Letterheadfonts.com Letterheadfonts.com is surprisingly a possibility created by the same web page designer as in the first web page example, which brings a different […]

10 Sites That Are Destroying It with Gamification

www.maratropa.com The first screenshot is how the website appears when you first type in the URL. After about 5 seconds the visual explodes onto the second screenshot inviting the user to “enter vr.” The longer you wait the more the splash page changes into swirling, floating images displaying. If you scroll the mouse, the images shift […]

10 Beautiful Minimalist Websites

1.   wearesoak.com This beautiful website caught my attention with it’s simplicity and kept my attention with some really neato (albeit almost impossible to screenshot) interactive features.  The curser creates a nice ripple effect over the black background as you drag it to and fro.  The words on the top of the page cycle between […]

10 Exceptional Sites with Highly Usable Web Navigation Menus

Visualhunt.com This website lets you search for free high-quality stock photos. I like it because the very first thing you see when the site opens is the search bar. It’s big and prominent on the screen. It’s the reason you came to the site and they didn’t hide it. Scroll down and you see a […]

10 Amazing Websites Using Illustrated Web Design

1. Slaveryfootprint Slaveryfootprint.org is a wonderful example of illustrated web design. Slaveryfootprint.org is a survey website trying to promote awareness of people who are forced to work for very little pay for long hours and in terrible working conditions. They make the things that we use in more developed and privileged countries, such as electronics, […]

10 Examples of Interactivity in Web Design

10 Examples Of Interactivity In Web Design http://spacecraftforall.com/a­new­orbit This site allows users to view a satellite’s orbit over the last several decades while giving the user the ability to change the focal point within the galaxy by simply dragging the mouse to that area of the screen. The site is put together very well and keeps users interested from the range of variations. Video tutorials are provided to explain the basis of the sites data. https://www.airbnb.com/map Airbnb did an excellent job at making the interactive site user friendly. It’s easy to navigate and the […]

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