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10 Sites Using Great Color

http://www.chiragjsolanki.com/ I like the jewel colors of this site on the chocolate background.  This site is using a triadic color scheme.   http://imgiseverything.co.uk/ This site is using a monochromatic color scheme.  A yellow background with black type is the most eye catching use of color, which is why it is commonly used for traffic signs.  […]

10 Exceptional Websites using “Color Black” Design

Website # 1 Robert McKay Art uses black as a background for all his pages, and it is used to showcase his paintings and other pictures. Most artists use the color black in the background to help direct the eyes to where they want you to look. Robert McKay is a local artist/illustrator and is also a […]

cool web designs

          http://findandform.com/ Find and Form is a design firm focused on clean and crisp craft. With this said the website for their company says very little. It uses a crisp and clean sans serif font that reflects their focus on minimalism and utility.   http://robedwards.org/ Rob Edwards is a designer. His website’s focus […]

10 Great Samples of Illustrative Web Design

http://toquervilleclay.blogspot.com/ I think for just being a local artist, this is a very good sight. The white space helps bring out his work to the viewers’ attention. The lay out of the sight isn’t too much, I feel like there is a good even balance on this sight.   http://akiotakamori.com/ I love this sight, maybe […]

10 exceptional minimalist web sites

Here are 10 exceptional minimalist websites. pandaweb.us This site is extremely minimalist. It uses color very sparingly and has instead relied mainly on placement, size, and contrast to direct the user to the most important elements. The site gets straight to the point with the larger and higher contrast of the laptop image and tag […]

Top 10 Dark-Themed Websites

1. Natural Selection 2 Home Page (http://unknownworlds.com/ns2/) This page has a great contrast of black and light blue.  This contrast causes the mouse-overs on the top main links to appear to be glowing when selected.  This dark themed site appears more advanced than it really is based on the layout and, as I pointed out, […]

10 Brilliant Designs Portfolio to Inspire You

http://www.qilayout.com This Portfolio shows different colors and images and yet they were able to keep a nice design very pleasant for the viewer.   http://www.julienrenvoye.com Julien Renvoye’s portfolio it is a clean design. A particularly nice touch is how the shapes that surround each example of work are highlighted and enlarged when you hover over […]

10 Great Sites using Contrast in Web Design  

  WorldWildlife.org  WorldWillife   is a example of size contrast on a website, it draws the attention to the large turtle photograph to catch the eye of the viewer.                 www.enzolivolti.com  I like this website  enzolivolti.com , the way contrast has been applied on type size, different fonts and […]

10 Awesome Examples of Typography In Web Design

  10 Examples of Typography in Web Design! Uponafold.com.au Uponafold.com is a great example of typography because it has a mix or cursive and sans serif that both look handwritten. The cursive typeface is the best example on the page, but I also loved the color and playfulness of the site.     Vintagehope.co.uk Vintagehope.co.uk […]

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