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10 Awesome Creative Web Design Sites

  www.zizzi.co.uk This is an Awesome Creative Web Design Site for a European Italian Restaurant. Very nice design, great use of color, easy navigation using flash elements. It is unique, colorful, fun and practical.     deda.me This is an Awesome Creative Web Design Site for the personal portfolio of Deidre “Deda” Bain. It is […]

10 Inspiring Sites Using Illustration Design

10 Inspiring Sites Using Illustration Design 1. The Pixel http://www.thepixel.com/blog/ The Pixel utilizes rich colors and whimsical illustrations to draw the viewer through the page. The illustration also serves to break up the blog posts and provide a consistent theme to all icons and colors used on the site.   2. The Society Inc. www.thesocietyinc.com […]


http://cyclemon.com Cyclemon.com demonstrates the “Retro” look well because of the colors. They are muted, yet powerful. The typography also adds, especially the double-circled logo, for the vintage ink look! https://www.namesforchange.org             Namesforchange.org has the Retro look because of the negative, vintage pictures. The contrasting colors, and the triangular textured backgrounds contribute as well. http://www.customdesign.ch/custom08/index.php   […]

10 Great Examples of Sites using Responsive Design

bahs.com bahs.com uses responsive design with a header made up of several different images that float and resize as the window gets smaller.  Once the menu bar gets to the point where it starts to wrap, it collapses down to a collapsible vertical menu instead of the horizontal menu bar, while font size remains the […]

10 White Space Websites

www.gavingough.com White spaced is used to present a balanced and harmonious website. The content is simple and clean. The white space frames the area of focus: photography. www.mettaskincare.com The title of this site is Metta Natural. Here white space is used in to highlight the natural ingredients of the product. It is also used in […]

10 Exceptional Graphic Designer Portfolio Sites

http://www.axel-aubert.fr Axel-aubert.fr is a site of a French multi-media graphic designer. This designer employs ingenious moves such as tilting the screen to reveal the menu at the top of the page when you are moving around with the cursor. The image on the home page follows your cursor around. When you enter the page, the […]

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