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We're building a large libray of video training courses which are FREE to all of our hosting members! Simply make sure you are logged into the 'Members Login', and you'll be granted access to all of the training. If you'd like particular training, shoot us an email, and we'll see about doing a series on the topic.

01 - Intro to Photoshop (Coming soon)

This Intro to Photoshop series is targeted at beginners just starting off with Photoshop. We'll be looking at all the basics of Adobe Photoshop from working with layers, various design tools, and web workflow tips and tricks along the way. Even seasoned Photoshop users may pick up a few tricks in this series.

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02 - Photoshop for Web Design

Photoshop for web design course walks through the process of creating an entire web design from scratch. We'll look at creating a grid based layout, working with Photoshops shape & path tools along with custom buttons, layers styles, navigation states, and a featured slider.

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03 - HTML Essentials

HTML Essentials takes absolute beginning web design students through the basics of HTML syntax. We cover tags, html structure, tables, web forms, and structural tags necessary for constructing simple web pages. Link and image tags along with tutorials on absolute and relative paths help students gain a solid foundation of HTML and prime them for the practical web design series.

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04 - CSS Essentials

CSS Essentials introduces the style and presentation layer for absolute beginning web designers. This course focuses on the syntax of CSS and teaches students the important foundational topic of structural versus style separation. Students will gain a solid grasp of CSS syntax, CSS selectors, CSS positioning, along with a solid repertoire of available css properties and values. The foundational CSS knowledge in this course enables students to move onto the practical web design series.

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05 - Practical HTML & CSS

In this course we pick up where we left on in our Photoshop for Web Design course. We'll take the design created in Photoshop and hand code a production ready HTML & CSS web layout. We'll cover several practical HTML and CSS layout techniques as well as a working menu with rollover states in place. We'll be enhancing our layout with CSS3 along the way to reduce our dependency on bitmap images. Ready? let's go!

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06 - Publishing - (Hosting, FTP, & cPanel)

Publishing - (Hosting, FTP, & cPanel)

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07 - Mobile & Responsive (Coming soon)

Mobile & Responsive

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07 - Setting Up WordPress for Beginners

This is a short video series to help get beginners caught up to speed on how to install WordPress on your own host. We'll look at the installation process along with many of the basic WordPress settings to get you up to speed in no time.

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08 - PHP Primer & Webforms (Coming soon)

PHP Primer & Webforms

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09 - Custom WordPress Theme (Coming soon)

wordpress Desc

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10 - CSS Grid

In this course students will learn the CSS Grid layout method and learn all of the new properties for grid based layouts and the new CSS Grid fraction unit!

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