Disable post formats ui buttons wordpress 3.6

WordPress 3.6 introduces and entire User Interface (UI) for the “Post Formats” idea.  It’s on the add and edit post screens.  I generally dislike post formats as  I much prefer to separate my different posts into custom post types.  I find the UI clumsy and rather counter intuitive for clients.  There are several new functions that go along with new integrated post formats (a few shown after the break), but the purpose of this post isn’t to tell you how to use post formats, but rather how to turn off post formats.  Here’s a quick snippet that will disable the post format buttons in the posts page UI.  There is a patch in the works at the time of this writing which will give you an option to turn off the post formats UI in the screen settings: which will be per site, per user, and per post type…

Simple add that filter to your functions.php file, and the post format buttons should be gone.

If you’re looking at trying to customize and style the output of the post formats, you should check out these specific wordpress functions:

This post from Envato should get you started on using the various functions for the post formats.

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