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Justin Harper-Smith

Ecommerce in Web Design

image002 is geared toward mothers who stay at home. The site is simple and is not confusing for those who visit. The simplicity is the most appealing factor because brazil is still developing in regards to their use of technology. Moms can easily access the products they need and then continue on with their happy life.


Almost every kid likes Legos. The site is easy to maneuver and they use flash to animate their background to entice the buyer. They have several links that link into deeper parts of the website to help viewers buy more product.


Filtersfast is the company I use to buy filters. On the home page the search bar is thrown right in front of the user to maximize user friendliness and ease of access. There is also a side bar to refine your search. By having the company number in the top right, they can help walk a customer through the buying process if they have problems.


The website is awesome, the user can either use the drop bars at the top or scroll down and find everything that you need. The layout is one of the best due to how it is strait forward and has no clutter; the customer is not distracted by unnecessary images and words.


Cabela’s site has new pictures flash across the screen almost every second and it show their best gear right at the beginning. They have a different type of search bar than the rest of the sites have because you can refine the search right there in the search bar section at the top.


There is not a lot of commotion on the screen. The user simply puts in the book name and is provided with the book he or she needs. The site also excels at promoting sales and FREE stuff, such as coupons sent with each book and FREE SHIPPING in the top left corner.


The site uses pictures to grab the viewer’s attention, a search bar, and easy to navigate drop down windows; all while keeping the site easy to use and not over crammed. As with the, they also advertise sales on products to attract more customers.


An Asian based company that produces products for SUPER cheap and then floods the US market with them. Their site displays a wide variety of products for all ages and interests. Their search is similar to that of Cabela’s where there is some form of refinement right from the search bar.


Rock Mountain ATV uses the same tactics as Some of the other companies in that it shows sales and promotions, but their drop bar is the most interesting. They use pictures as the titles for each of the sections of the drop bar; which enhances user enjoyment while navigating the site.


Motor Sportsland has one of the best sites in regards as to how the user may search for the item that they are looking for. There are 6 ways a client may begin a search from the home page. They also use a well planned out contrast in the colors.

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