10 Sites That Are Destroying It with Gamification

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Student Bio: Cathleen Herbert
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Student Bio: Digital media design and technology are just a few of my passions. I love to create as well as to figure out how to fit all the pieces together in one big puzzle. In addition to images, I love words. I appreciate the art of being able to express oneself. I want to combine these passions in the best way possible.
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The first screenshot is how the website appears when you first type in the URL. After about 5 seconds the visual explodes onto the second screenshot inviting the user to “enter vr.” The longer you wait the more the splash page changes into swirling, floating images displaying. If you scroll the mouse, the images shift and change. Entering a Twitter account into the search button displays that account and all the connected accounts in a visual array.


This web site is designed to create an interest in the sci-fi TV show, Colony. It gives the user the option to complete a mission as a drone hunter to take down the Resistance. You have targets, but can also see the civilian casualties that occur when you destroy your target.


Collapse uses real data to simulate an end of society scenario specific to your location. You enter your address to bring up statistics about how the world would be impacted by an outbreak of a deadly virus. Based on the storyline of Tom Clancy’s The Division, the website takes you through the consequences of the pandemic, demonstrating how quickly the cities and infrastructure can fail as the disease spreads throughout the world. It gives the user a preview of the game before it launches.


The web site is designed with a gamification feel as it draws the user into the interface of the game Futurama for download on devices. As the user scrolls through the one page design, animated screens and video clips show the experience the user would have playing the game.


This game is a part of the Travel Zoo site. You can test your knowledge of places in the United Kingdom which are found in famous works of literature. You start the game, and it asks you questions about locations in the books. You click on the pin which you think is the right answer. When you finish the questions, it reveals your score.


The Activity Theory site provides a myriad of visual stimulation as engages the user in the web technology that incorporates images, animations, and particle simulation. Mira is an application that allows users to create sounds and particles that scatter across the screen. The Activity Theory has other pages that display their work for several other well-known companies.


Cash Contagion is based on another Tom Clancy storyline. The premise is that human viruses can be spread through banknotes. This game also used real data to simulate realistic results. The currencies it uses are pounds or euros. The cool thing about this site is that you have to actually scan a banknote or enter the true values of the note for it to work.


This is another site that uses gamification to promote a sci-fi TV show, The Magicians. The user has options to study the lessons, learn about the students, and about Brakebills University, an institute of higher learning for the magical society of North America.


Robby Leonardi demonstrates his design, coding, and animation skills with this interactive resume. It is genius as the game character leads the viewer through the skills, experience, and achievements of the designer. At the end, the viewer “wins” by reaching the highest level which puts you in contact with Robby.


Duolingo allows users to log in to the site and choose your options for learning a language. It lets you choose how much time per day you want to use to study the language as well as the language you want to learn. I chose German, but since I already know some German, it allows me to take a placement test which showed me 40% proficient in German. Then you can continue to work through various lessons to either strengthen your skills or develop more skills. You earn badges and show your progress as you study the language. You can also choose another language to learn out of the 19 languages courses already developed for English speakers. There are several more languages in beta or being developed.

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