10 Great Samples of Illustration Web Design By: Alicia Brimhall

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I Really like simple design of this web site as well as the color theme. It is well designed and simple to figure out how to navigate. I think that a well designed web site should have good navigation so you can access information your looking for. This web site is simple and to the point with out to much clutter. Its awesome!






This web site is also very simple and easy to navigate. I love the black and white color theme. The diamond checkerboard is a sweet choice of design. It adds a lot of depth and style.


This web site is very simple and artistic line art in black and white. I really like unique looking web sites that are simple and read well. This web site caught my eye because I love all the intricate lined art.


This web site is very fun and caught my eye because of the clouds and I happen to love tree houses.

I used to live in a tree house in Kauai for about 6 months. This site is simple and not overly done. I like the content and

overall design. The color theme is well thought out and I especially like the slight pink in the clouds. It is an easy site to navigate and

very informative.





space looking animated web site. How can you go wrong! I love this site it is really fun to navigate and is all about the information they can bring to you. It’s a little dark for a web site but it works.



This animation cartoon looking web site is simple and I love navigating it. Its easy and fun. It tells a story about the people in the cover of the web site and is interesting.


This web site is lovely and has a bright color theme that works well with the style and design. I really like the organization of the buttons and how easily you can navigate. It has a modern look but sassy and fun.



I like how this site looks and feels to me. Its calming and easy to look at for a long period of time. It’s informative and to the point. I like the over all design and Illustrations. The color theme is cool and refreshing to the eye.




I love the animation of the animals most in this web site and the Illustrations. It is designed well and the artist has a lot of talent in cartooning. The site itself is nice because of how it is spaced out and how to navigate to different parts of the site. It is informative and to the point. I enjoyed the overall content of text and information. I also speak as well as read and write Spanish.



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