10 Exceptional Sites using Nature Themed Web Design

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  1. http://reisvoyage.com.au/
    This African Safari website cleverly uses a nature theme by displaying different close-ups of animal skins in the header. It has a nice organic logo as well.1
  1. http://www.k4lab.info/eng/
    This website has a more creative look to it. I like how the design at the top is animated. The art is well done and draws my attention.
  1. http://treegrowing.tcv.org.uk/
    This site smartly integrates icons of leaves into its menu buttons, which I think is a great idea. It stands out to by doing so.
  1. http://goglamping.net/
    I like how their logo is green and has a tent symbol as the ‘A’. The beautiful nature pictures make me want to explore further into this site.
  1. http://www.stephan-siegrist.ch/de/home
    This one is well laid out. The background automatically goes through pictures of the alpinist’s adventures, keeping me intrigued. It feels up the header area as well which I like a lot
  1. http://www.yodaa.com/
    This website is cool because of the artwork integrated with the menu. It’s interesting how the menu looks like burlap, and in the bottom right corner there is a button to scroll to the top with that matches. The fonts work well too.
  1. 6http://www.pixlogix.com/
    I like this page because it is very unique. Not only does the artwork on this page move hen you hover the curser above it, but it’s also very pretty.
  1. http://www.absolutebica.com/
    I really enjoy the top of this page. It has a really nice color scheme and fades into the body of the website flawlessly.
  1. http://www.geo-fun.com/
    This website has desirable layout. I like how the bold words capture the essence of the site. I enjoy how the menu hovers on the right.
  1. http://www.dimond.com.au/
    I love this website because of its simplicity. It’s easy to navigate and leaves a good impression. I like how the background automatically changes.
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