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This animation is cool, because you control the little man with the arrow keys. In the gallery, when you approach pictures, the come up as full size pictures. I think it was very well made!




Scroll bar action is inputted here! As you scroll down the page changes, as well as the outfits and the content on the pages. Some things change as you hover over them and shake or change, its fun animation.





There are movie clips embedded within the pages, and you can navigate between the pages by clicking and dragging. One page as you move around a picture appears and disappears square by square as you drag the mouse around. It uncovers the picture! It’s pretty cool.





This site has cool animation. Colors change, things flash, and move. When you hover over objects they pause, so there are hover effects and motion tweens.





When you scroll to the right the can rotates left. I think that there is just a classic tween between each part of the can. The can is also a link to the actual page.





This site has ongoing animation and it is so much fun! It just keeps you on their site because you want to know what’s going to happen next! They have movie clips involved, as well as action/motion tweens I believe.





Cheeseandburger.com uses a click and drag action, and animates to different menu items. By dragging the tool at the bottom, there is a timeline navigation created within. It’s so cool and the burger names are too funny.





When you hover over the different locations a label comes up for each. I’m not sure what language it is in, but things walk/and move around.





There is a lot going on here. When you hover over certain parts of the mysterious island of crazy things different things happen, and each has a link to a new page of the site with other fun movie clip animation.





This site is fun because it isn’t limited to what you see. As you move the mouse around to different parts of the screen the whole scene shifts to that area, and takes you on kind of a tour of Coraline’s house surroundings. When you hover over different parts of the house lights turn on, or signs come up as labels of the house. It’s a little creepy, but very cool.


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