10 Amazing Animated Websites

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Blue Acorn


1. blueacorn.com
I like this website because there is a lot of animation but it doesn’t overwhelm you.






2. intacto10years.com
This website is pretty cool. It’s easy to navigate.




Evo Energy



This one is really cute.






4. http://www.kaipoche.co/
This one is so cool. It animates when you scroll.






5. http://sustainability.bam.co.uk/carbon/
This one also animates when you scroll and I like the colors.






6. http://www.gatwickexpresstracks.co.uk
This one has really pretty colors and the animations are smooth.



Build With Chrome



7. https://www.buildwithchrome.com
This one is just way cool. You can drag things places and it’s like Legos.






8. http://www.piccsy.com/investors/
This one is really cool. If you scroll down, the animations begin slowly when you pass them.






9. http://neomam.com/interactive/13reasons/
I love this one! It’s really fun.





10. http://baroque.me
This one has really simple designs that move nicely.

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