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Student Bio: I love art and have practiced many mediums. These include photography, drawing, design, ceramics and multimedia. I have studied several varieties of visual art and regularly return to photography and graphic communication. I attend school and take classes because they help me maintain my skills and challenge me to expand them.
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This is my review of ten sites that I felt made good use of photography.  I am also choosing to review sites that are related to other things I am in the process of researching before either purchasing or contacting for additional information. My first step in doing this research was to search the phrase “Use of Photography in Web Design”. This led me to a number of sites that explained a definition of the phrase and showed examples that the writes of the articles felt matched their definition. The next step I used was to find a couple of specific topics that were of interest to me personally and see how they matched the definitions I now had. I did my best to view the sites with only the definition in mind, but I also paid attention to the content and the overall design of each site be making my choices. I may have made a small mistake in my interpretation of the instructions for screenshots of each website. I have cropped all screenshots so that menus on the webpage are not present.

I felt this site made good use of photography with its use of background photo. The photo is of one of its products in use. Throughout the site there are addition well taken and presented photos. I also appreciate that the photos are not completely covers up so as not to be viewable.

TerraTrike home page

I like the minimal use of photos on this sight. There is one image incorporated into the menu bar and the several at the bottom of the main page. The ones at the base of the page lead to specific secondary pages on the site. The secondary pages may or may not also have a photo included. I also feel that the full page background photo works well.

Leonberger Club of America home page

This site is using photos in a slideshow. It shows various images of the dogs at various ages and in various places. The site also has a great deal of information on their breed. There is a full background image of the sky. Both of these work well with what I feel is the intent of the designer.

Great Pyrenes Club of America home page

This site is using photos in a very different fashion the any of the previous sites have. There are lovely photos scattered throughout the page. Each photo appears to be associated with text that is near it. The photos draw you into the site and encourage you to take time to learn about the Collie breed.

Collie Club of America home page

This site is a breeder’s page. The photos here are intended to draw you in and make you want to have one of the puppies. The first image does a wonderful job of doing just that. Further down the page are other pictures which also invite you to desire a puppy.

Oakridge home page

There is a page wide photo that changes to a second photo. The first photo is of a family with several dogs. The second is of one puppy. Both images invite you to learn more about the breed of dogs. Further down the page are several additional pictures that are smaller, but also serve their purpose.

Utah Leos home page

When you find this site, the very first thing you see is full width picture of children with puppies in a small red wagon. This image draws your attention and asks you to further explore the site. This is a breeder’s site for Great Pyrenees dogs. When you scroll further down you find text and additional photos. The photos are fitted into and with the text. I believe the image at the top does what the site designers intended.

Millcreek Farms home page

The full photo background and the photo of three sleepy puppies draws you into this site. The image of the puppies pulls on your desire to visit and play with puppies of any breed, but especially these particular puppies. On one of the other pages there are a few other photos. The side does provide some information, but it appears incomplete when you follow most of the additional links available.

pyrenes breeder page

This site has a full background photo that may be a gif or other special file type. It is covered with a photo of two dogs. I believe the intention is to capture your interest and encourage you to thoroughly explore all that the site may offer. To an extent the photos do just that. However, in some ways it is too busy design wise, especially the background image.

Newman Collies home page

Of the two Collie sites, I much prefer this one. There is a lovely screen wide photo at the top which turns into a pretty background for the site. Further down the page is a well put together slideshow of photos from their daily life. Below the slideshow are two additional photos. Additional pages in the site include a screen wide photo that enhances the overall design. This is a well done site in my opinion.

Aspen Collies home page

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