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This designer used simplicity when designing her website. This makes her portfolio website easy to navigate and easily draws you in. Her work is easy to see and find and her simple about page is also easy to find. I felt as though the simplicity of this site kept me focused on the designer and her portfolio.



I enjoyed viewing mypoorbrain.com. You are instantly drawn into the portfolio with the icons you see when first arriving to the website. Each icon has a title telling you what you can expect when clicking into it. When clicking into each icon you are able to get a better view of the selected work and any details the artist wants the viewers to know. This website was visually interesting and unique.



Nicolasparies.com was a fun and interactive website. As you scroll through the website, it changes bringing up new artwork and typography for every project being featured on the site. This was by far the most interesting website that I found when looking for exceptional Graphic Design Portfolio websites. Scrolling through to the end of this site was worth seeing the about the designer section. This is a fun site to view.



This site was really easy to explore and find things. I like that when you arrive to this website you immediately see some work done by the designer as well as the designers philosophy. The website is really easy to navigate and all that needs to be done is a scroll down to view the designers portfolio. In the top right corner of the website, you can easily find a menu that navigates you to the designers resume, email, LinkedIn, dribbble, and Twitter. The simplicity and easy navigation of this site makes it exceptional.



This was one of my favorite sites that I found when looking for exceptional graphic design portfolio websites. The bigger words on the left side of the site change to italic when you hover over them. The different sized squares lead the viewer to the work of the designer. The layout of this site, including the alignment and grid used for this website, is eye-catching and draws viewers in.



This site is just another simple, easy to navigate website. The portfolio is easily seen right when you arrive to the site and the About and Contact information are easy to find at the top of the website. Contact information is also easily found at the bottom of the page once the viewer has scrolled through the portfolio part of the website which I think is smart and nice for the viewer to see after looking the designers work.



This site has a very high-end feel to it. The layout is on a grid but not every rectangle is the same size. This is interesting and keeps my attention as a viewer. I like that the Projects and About sections are easy to find. Simplicity of the site gives you a chance to focus on the work done by the designer.



This site is exceptional because it is simple and it is easy to find the designers work with the easily labeled icons. Clicking into an icon takes you to the work of the designer. The biography and contact information is easy to find and the site is just simple and easy to navigate.



The introduction when arriving to this site is nice to see right in the beginning. The menu with the designers resume and contact information is easy to find in the top right corner of the website and the designers work is easy to find as you scroll through the site. I enjoy the simplicity of this site.



This is another simple website that is easy to navigate. I like that the designer separated their work by their graphic design and illustration pieces. The about and contact information is also easy to find on this site which I think makes this website simple and exceptional.



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