Course: 02 - Photoshop for Web Design

Photoshop for web design course walks through the process of creating an entire web design from scratch. We'll look at creating a grid based layout, working with Photoshops shape & path tools along with custom buttons, layers styles, navigation states, and a featured slider.

Series Intro / What We're Creating
Series Intro 06:05
Wireframing & Colors
Create the Starting Grid 10:25
Creating a Color Scheme 09:10
Wireframing A Design 13:18
Background Feathering 06:56
Slider, Header, and Nav
Featured Slider 21:02
Logo and Navigation 07:37
Sidebar Widgets Part 1 16:12
Sidebar Widgets Part 2 09:41
Sidebar Testimonial 10:28
Content Section
Content Headers Part 1 20:20
Content Headers Part 2 08:40
Callout Box Base 08:44
Callout Box Button 13:45
Finishing Touches
Finishing Touches 06:36
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