Course: 03 - HTML Essentials

HTML Essentials takes absolute beginning web design students through the basics of HTML syntax. We cover tags, html structure, tables, web forms, and structural tags necessary for constructing simple web pages. Link and image tags along with tutorials on absolute and relative paths help students gain a solid foundation of HTML and prime them for the practical web design series.

Series Intro
HTML Essentials Series Intro 02:38
HTML Basics
HTML Syntax 05:21
HTML Structure 10:26
Simple Web Page 10:26
HTML Emphasis & Strong Tags 03:09
HTML List Tags 04:39
HTML Semantics 04:57
HTML Structural Tags 03:54
File Paths
Absolute Paths 09:46
Relative Paths 10:45
HTML Image Tag 10:25
HTML Tables 11:05
HTML Table Attributes 06:05
HTML Colspan & Rowspan 06:02
HTML Forms Part 1 13:48
HTML Forms Part 2 05:15
HTML Forms Part 3 07:40
HTML Forms Part 4 05:40
Finishing Up
The Box Model 09:14
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