Course: 04 - CSS Essentials

CSS Essentials introduces the style and presentation layer for absolute beginning web designers. This course focuses on the syntax of CSS and teaches students the important foundational topic of structural versus style separation. Students will gain a solid grasp of CSS syntax, CSS selectors, CSS positioning, along with a solid repertoire of available css properties and values. The foundational CSS knowledge in this course enables students to move onto the practical web design series.

CSS Essentials Intro
CSS Essentials Series Intro 1:52
CSS Basics
CSS Syntax 03:40
CSS Cascading Order 02:32
Adding CSS to HTML 05:33
CSS Font & Text Properties 13:22
CSS Background & Border Properties 14:33
CSS Units of Measure 05:07
CSS Inheritance 04:09
CSS Selectors
CSS Selectors 02:58
CSS Class vs ID 07:01
CSS Grouped, Psuedo, & Compound 10:47
CSS Positioning
CSS Positioning 06:04
CSS Relative Positioning 05:10
CSS Absolute Positioning 08:18
CSS Fixed Positioning 02:11
CSS Z-index 05:13
CSS Positioning Example 10:21
CSS Floats
CSS Floats Intro 05:58
CSS Floats Part 1 08:33
CSS Floats Part 2 06:11
CSS Floats Example 11:03
CSS Essentials Outro
CSS Essentials Series Outro 00:23
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