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Remote MySQL Access

 January 28, 2018     0 Comments

Note: This article assumes you have already created a database and associated user. This article illustrates the creation of the database vi cPanel:

Most users access and manipulate their SQL databases via cPanel and PHPMyAdmin.  This guide should help users who need remote access via GUI programs ala (Workbench or Sequel Pro) or SSH.

Please note that remote access via SSH is the easiest way to access your database remotely, and as such you'll need to open a support ticket to request SSH be enabled on your account. 

Via your program's settings, you'll need the following configuration values:

If using workbench you may need to turn SSL off in the SSL tab if you don't have keyfiles setup.

SSH Hostname: or

SSH Username: Your cpanel username

SSH Password: Your cpanel password

SSH Port: 2222

MySQL Hostname:

MySQL Server Port: 3306

MySQL User Username: username you created and added to your database in cpanel

MySQL User Password: password you created with your MySQL User

See the sample MySQL Workbench Connection screen for associated settings.  If remote host is missing from the system's list of known hosts, a prompt requires you to confirm the host's fingerprint before storing it. Say yes to this prompt.

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