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Canceling an Account

 March 30, 2016     0 Comments

In order to cancel your hosting account, you will need to log-in to the member support area found at Members Support

Method 1:

Once logged into the Members Center navigate to the 'Products -> Product List'.  Click the 'Actions' drop-down icon next to a service and choose 'Cancel Package'.

Method 2:

Login in to the Members Center to file a support "Account Cancellation" ticket. After review, we will cancel your account. This ensures that the website owner is the only person who can cancel an account.

  • Note that when you cancel your account ALL website files, databases, email accounts and any other hosting files will be permanently deleted and removed from our servers. Please ensure you've transferred and backed up any files you need to keep before requesting an account cancellation as there is no way of recovering the data once cancelled.

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